"Mind Over Man" chronicles my artwork around the paradigm of power.


"Meeting of two CEO's each supposing the other to work for a firm with a higher market-share index"

Balance OF Power

Michel Foucault said "Power is everywhere...because it comes from everywhere." A 'Balance of Power' doesn't really exist. Because power operates both relationally and reciprocally, sociologists speak of the balance of power between parties.
Sociologists usually analyse relationships in which the parties have relatively equal or nearly equal power in terms of constraint rather than of power. Thus 'power' has a connotation of unilateralism. If this were not so, then all relationships could be described in terms of 'power', and its meaning would be lost. Power relationships are constantly shifting as competition drives to improve ones' status over the other.

I imagined a point of deadlock in the competition over power, an imaginary still-stand in evolution, a true equilibrium in the distribution of powers.

I did a series of symmetrical paper cuts, that allow me to freeze this unreal moment with Rorschach-test like graphic punch.

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