"Mind Over Man" chronicles my artwork around the paradigm of power.


Powers at Play

This paper cut is mounted floating on the gallery wall or on a backdrop and lit from the front, creating a dropped shadow.

Balanced Buddha

Total Equilibrium, absolut balance - that is a divine state. it is what happens after evolution, after all powers come to a halt.
I wanted to visualize this state through a levitating Buddha. weightless - balanced - one.

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel as newborns, suckling on their mothers teat. So far powers are equally distributed, no indication of what is to happen later on in their lives...
This is another image for the MFA catalog (Jan 2011)


Cerebus, the three headed hell hound. this image is mounted floating and back lit, creating a warm glow around the silhouette of the paper cut.


This quadrilateral symmetrical paper cut works as a floor-piece, the floor itself providing the background