"Mind Over Man" chronicles my artwork around the paradigm of power.


Hitler Hybrids

another set of Hitler Hybrids


power puzzle

This is a public relations image of Hitler in 1941.
It is clearly designed to project an image of a wholesome couple in rural setting, yet the relationships of power are clearly defined:
Hitler as master over the loyal obedient german sheperd, and Hitler the human perhaps even smiling in the company of Eva Braun (who reportedly hated the german sheperd and kicked him)
I thought it would be interesting to swap heads and thus change relationships of power.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Decorum and fashion is important to make a powerful person recognizable as such.
Military uniform is generally coded to determine rank, status, affiliation and power of a person. Perhaps the progress of fashion is an approach to define nuances of social standing and power in civilian circles.
I collaged some fashion statements.


Power as mathematical computation:

Power is the rate at which work is done. It is the work/time ratio.

Power = work / time

Work = time / power

Time = power / work

Time = $$$

Work = time

$$$ = Power


I became more interested in figurative compositions:

after about 3 months of painting I was wondering why I am painting on canvas rather then say panel, paper, vinyl etc.
I wanted to figure out formal and conceptual issues that make a painting a painting.
these images came next:

first independent study for the MFA

These first paintings were loosly based on the concept of the adaptable symbolic meaning of the american eagle.
The american eagle stands for national freedom and strength. The same symbol in association with a product or attitude
brings it's virtues to that product or attitude.


gotta gun

guns make convincing arguments in the establishment of power:

Mind Over Man

In pursuit of the Masters of Fine Arts degree I am documenting my independent study academic and studio research and works with this blog.
Mind over Man is examining how man inflicts power on one another.
What are the means and instruments of power? how is power established and control exerted in various social and sociological strata?
this blog is trying an approximation on those issues.